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We guarantee to deliver high-quality leads to your business. If we don’t get any after 30 days. You’ll get your money back no questions asked!

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What Can i expect?

We’re glas you ask! This is what the process looks like:

On boarding call:

  • We’ll ask you about your goals for the campaign, your brand and target audience

We’ll take care of:

  • Purchasing a domain
  • Linking the domain to a business email
  • Warming up the email to prevent going into spam
  • CRM tool to track responses and other statistics like opening rates


We will take care of finding highly-valuable potential leads for your business across the world.

  • Our in-house copywriter will take care of writing a great offer of your services
  • With our sending software, we will send out as many emails per month as you wish

Through tracking past emails, we found out that most leads only reply after the second or third email, so we will send up to 4 follow up emails to guarantee success.

  • We will track the whole process
  • A/B test the subject lines and the content
  • Send the leads straight to your inbox or calendar

Our email packages:

We look forward to helping your business grow through our high-quality lead services.


2.000 Emails per month

8.000 Emails per month

4.000 Emails Per Month

12.000 emails per month

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We look forward to helping your business grow its online presence through our high converting websites and sales funnels.

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